Surely now, our worries are over.

I take back all the bad things I said about the Irish political system.

I was wrong to suggest that promises of radical reform in the Senate were just hot air.

Independent Senator Feargal Quinn has identified an area where major savings could be made.

Apparently, each senator is issued with a sealed envelope containing each day’s running order of the House.

It just doesn’t make sense, said the Senator, and it would save a lot of money if stopped.

Leader of the House, Maurice Cummins agreed with Senator Quinn saying that the matter had been raised on several previous occasions.

Neither of the visionary senators indicated when the practice would actually stop but I’m sure, after the establishment of the traditional committee, a decision could be expected, say, within five years.

Such quick action, I’m sure, would have a significant impact on the 250 billion that the nation owes; would go a long way in reforming our corrupt political system and could even lead to a resolution of the EU/global financial crisis.

Surely now, our worries are over.

4 thoughts on “Surely now, our worries are over.”

  1. These envelopes are white but senators may have been under the impression they were infact brown and therefore stuffed with cash.
    (their elimination thereby causing a great saving)
    This error is due to the fact that although senators can
    perceive reality they do so only dimly and distorted
    through a fog of self importance.

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