Ireland: Still wallowing in the doldrums of delusion

Health Minister Dr. James Reilly said that the HSE document proposing possible cuts in waiting lists for pregnant women and a cap on vaccination programmes were nothing more than the internal reflections of someone within the HSE.

Asked about the possible closure of smaller hospitals he said:

The reality is that small hospitals have an enormous part to play in the delivery of care for our citizens and they will be supported by this government.

Here’s some of what happened in Latvia as a result of the IMF rescue in 2008/2009.

Half of all hospitals were closed.

There was a 30% cut in public service wages and thousands of public servants were sacked.

Over half of all state agencies were closed over a very short period of time.

This, and worse, is going to happen in Ireland and yet those in power continue to behave as if there’s an alternative, as if they still have the power to make choices.

Latvia, like Iceland, is on the road to recovery. Ireland is still wallowing in the doldrums of delusion.