Peasant laws rigorously enforced

The Gardai and the Dept of Social Protection are involved in a major investigation into social welfare fraud.

Five people were arrested as part of the investigation and are being held in various Dublin Garda stations under Section 4 of the Criminal Justice Act. A large quantity of documents were also seized in the raids.

Minister for Social Protection, Joan Burton said;

I’ve met with the Revenue Commissioners I’m taking new powers in the Social Welfare Act to have joint working groups.

Every Euro saved on fraud is money that can go to pay our pensioners and child benefit.

As a country we have to change the culture of social welfare and black economy fraud.

An RTE reporter excitedly reported that Garda were operating a new type of investigation whereby social welfare fraudsters can be brought before the courts on indictment thus bringing them before the higher courts almost immediately.

Gardai in the Fraud Bureau are also training Dept. of Social Protection inspectors on how to gather evidence that’s presentable before the courts.

If evidence is gathered in a particular way it will allow Gardai to get a warrant almost immediately, arrest these social welfare fraudsters and prosecute them at a higher level.

So, let’s take a break from all this exciting law enforcement to summarise the situation.

The police are taking immediate and strong action on receipt of allegations of wrong doing.

The police are arresting people suspected of financial fraud under the Criminal Justice Act.

The seizure of large quantities of documents, we presume, will in no way hinder quick prosecutions and jail sentences where appropriate.

A Government minister is actively involved in the operation and has no hesitation whatsoever in using all legislative powers at her disposal.

Politicians, police, Dept of Social Protection and the Revenue Commissioners are all working together in a concerted effort to prevent financial fraud and bring those who break the law to immediate justice.

This, of course, is the way things should be done in a real democracy. These fraudsters deserve everything they get.

Unfortunately, in a dysfunctional democracy like Ireland, law enforcement of this intensity, coordination and cooperation is strictly reserved for the peasant class.

The white collar criminals that infest the financial, political and business sectors, the vermin who destroyed our country, continue to enjoy full protection within a hopelessly corrupt state.

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  1. What a great article, the annoying thing is that its sooooooo true. But should you be surprised with our attitude to all this, i mean we are a nation of sheep lead by wolves. The most you can expect in a reaction is a Fr Ted type protest with placards Down With This Sort of Thing.

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