There are none so stupid as those who believe Bertie Ahern

My brother mentioned to me the other day that Mary O’Rourke hosted last week’s Tonight with Vincent Browne while Browne was on holiday.

Yeah, right, said I, pull the other one.

But is was true and not only that but on the first night the nation was ‘treated’ to the ordeal of watching Bertie Ahern and Martin Mansergh waffle on about their involvement in something called the Peace Process connected to some long drawn out dirty war fought out on an obscure island somewhere on the remote edge of Europe.

Events in our pathetic banana republic become more surreal by the day.

Here we have O’Rourke, Ahern and Mansergh, three senior members of the most corrupt political party in the country, the party principally responsible for the destruction of our country, given open and unsupervised access to a television studio to waffle on about their so called great work on behalf of the nation.

But it seems that these obnoxious individuals are not without some support.

It appears that even now, after all that has happened, there are still some extremely stupid people out there who believe that scumbags like Bertie Ahern are men of honour.

One such idiot is some guy called John-Paul McCarthy.

Writing in today’s Sunday Independent this fool who, unbelievably, holds a doctorate in history from Oxford, thinks that Bertie Ahern will most likely be regarded as the most progressive Fianna Fail Taoiseach since Jack Lynch.

Here’s some of what the idiot had to say in defence of Bertie the scumbag.

Judge Mahon found easy prey when confronted by the chaotic private life of a man recovering from a traumatic separation. (And while his findings conjured up a media tsunami large enough to force a popular Taoiseach into retirement, Ahern’s eccentric personal book-keeping seems almost comically serene when compared to the endemic dishonesty in the banking world.)

After that, the Lehman Brothers collapse and the implosion of his handpicked successor finished off what was left of Ahern’s reputation.

The fact that McCarthy actually believes Ahern’s lies immediately confirms him as a first class moron.

Even the most ignorant, bog trotting, backwoodsmen members of the Fianna Fail party now take everything Ahern says with a large grain of salt.

McCarthy’s defence of Ahern can be summed up as follows.

Judge Mahon and his tribunal were out to get Ahern.

The media were out to get Ahern.

Ahern was confused (for years) because his marriage broke up.

The dishonesty of the banks was worse therefore Ahern is innocent.

Lehman Brothers were to blame. Fecking hell, is there no limit to this moron’s stupidity?

Brian Cowen’s failures were to blame.

There’s some truth in this in so far as the drunken buffoon who succeeded Ahern was so chronically incompetent, even by the extremely low standards of Fianna Fail.

McCarthy tells us that the programme was worth watching because of the genial, even playful, interaction between Bertie Ahern and David Trimble.

I could only manage the first ten minutes or so before beginning to retch.

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  1. Its just as well you moderate comments otherwise i would use stronger langauge. I saw the TV3 BANAL show and your link to that idiot reporter. All i can say, TICOS,to the whole lot of them.

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