The sweet pleasure of torching a vile Catholic institution

Victim of the Catholic Church child abuse holocaust (Liveline, Wednesday).

I said to John Charles McQuaid; the Brothers are doing dirty things to us and he put his over my head and said – Young boy, say your prayers, I was eleven years of age.

What happened after you said this to the Archbishop?

I was brought into a room and flogged, I got a terrible beating from two Brothers. I’ll never forget it for as long as I live, that was my treat for my Confirmation.

I was one of the last children out of Artane in 1969, the place was burned down.

I know the two children who burned the place down, they were being abused by a Brother. They hid under the stage in the cinema and they set fire to the cinema.

It was the happiest day of my life, I was only twelve when it happened. I wouldn’t be alive today only that it was burned to the ground.

What great, great courage from those two boys. What sweet, sweet pleasure they must have experienced as they torched the vile institution that had caused them so much pain.

2 thoughts on “The sweet pleasure of torching a vile Catholic institution”

  1. And fair play to them.I went through the C.B. system and had not the courage as a kid to rebel,but during my hippy years[after leaving the church] i hit a c.b. and brought up before the head brother,i thought to myself,might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb, so i punched him too.Got expelled and went to tech where life was much better.I wish now the state would have the courage [as those two little kids had] to expell the papal nuncio.

  2. Well done Pat, I wish I had your courage when priests were trying to indoctrinate me.

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