Israelis take to the streets: Irish remain docile and obedient

At least a quarter of a million Israelis, fed up with the mounting cost of living, have taken to the streets to demand action from the government.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, seen by many middle class Israelis as too friendly to big business, is under increasing pressure to break up business monopolies and cartels.

The protests started three weeks ago when a few young people pitched a tent encampment on a posh Tel Aviv street shouting ‘social justice for the people’ and ‘Revolution’.

Popular mass demonstrations against government as opposed to protests from self-interested groups?

Young people on the streets calling for revolution?

Middle class demanding that the government act against mafia type big business?

Meanwhile in Ireland, Joe Higgins, leader of the most ‘revolutionary’ party in the country, has warned that protests against the €100 household tax are being planned – sometime next year.

The Government must be quaking in its boots?

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  1. You can’t have protests in posh areas in Ireland!!! Perish the thought of people camping out (no pun intended) on David Norris Avenue – the one he wanted to have gated off to keep the proles out

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