Kabul attack raises dark memories of Vietnam

From a political and military point of view the recent attack by Taliban insurgents on Kabul was well planned and successful.

For twenty hours a small group of determined insurgents (about 12) held off the combined might of the Afghan army, police and NATO forces.

The insurgents occupied a half built building just behind the American embassy. That nobody realised the danger this reinforced concrete building posed to the embassy is incredible.

The insurgents simply shot the lone security man guarding the building and used the building to fire several RPG rounds into the American compound.

The response of the US ambassador, Ryan Crocker, was telling:

Half a dozen RPG rounds from 800 meters away, that isn’t Tet, that’s harassment. If that’s the best they can do I think it is a statement of their weakness.

Although minor in comparison to the Tet Offensive, which effectively marked America’s defeat in the Vietnam War, this attack is anything but mere harassment.

It is a strong indication of what’s going to happen as soon as the last NATO soldier vacates Kabul.

I’ll be surprised if the Taliban are not back in power within a year of NATOs departure.