Gallagher's illegal loan – so what's new?

What’s the big deal about Sean Gallagher’s illegal loan to himself?

Such breaches of company law are rampant in Ireland; they are part and parcel of everyday business activity.

It is only because Gallagher is currently in the spotlight that the matter raises an eyebrow at all, if he wasn’t a presidential candidate his law breaking would never have been noticed.

His Fr. Ted excuse (the money was just resting in my account) that the money was ‘accidentally’ lodged in the wrong account is also par for the course.

In Ireland, when people of power and influence break the law they simply plead that it was a mistake and all is forgiven.

So called regulatory authorities never, ever pursue these people preferring to conserve their powers and resources for any ordinary citizen who might have the audacity to step out of line.

4 thoughts on “Gallagher's illegal loan – so what's new?”

  1. Very true. And this is just the latest example of Gallagher’s penchant for dodgy business practices. I wouldn’t trust him as far as I’d dropkick his fat Charley Brown head.

  2. So right, and whats more the banks allow this and when anyone questions it, they use the Data Protection act ” We are not allowed to talk about or give out any information about any customers accounts”

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