Ahern's cronies speak out

Royston Brady and Joe Tierney, two former cronies of Bertie Ahern, were on the radio today gleefully (and deservedly) stabbing the traitor in the back.

Brady: To be quite honest I couldn’t have been happier that I was out of it from 2004 because the further away the better from all that kind of toxicity.

Tierney: I’m a Fianna Fail activist all my life and from the very beginning Bertie Ahern’s attitude to politics in Dublin Central was not what Fianna Fail stood for.

Bertie Ahern stood for himself…everything he did he did with a motive, for himself; he never did anything for Fianna Fail.

Fianna Fail owes nothing to Bertie Ahern but Bertie Ahern owes everything to Fianna Fail.

Notice that there’s no mention of Ireland and its people here, just bitterness for what Fianna Fail lost.

The traitor Ahern is being interviewed by Mike Murphy tonight, should be interesting.

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  1. Heard that program, rats – never said anything about the dodgy dealings etc. when they were in a position to make a difference

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