Where was the great Bertie?

I’m shocked I tell ya, shocked and outraged.

I watched most of the Presidential inauguration and not once, among the great and the good, did I see Bertie the national patriot.

Cowen was there in all his glory look bravely composed with not a drop of alcohol to be seen.

But Bertie, poor Bertie after all he’s done for the country. Was it a petulant RTE, determined to ignore the great man?

Was it Bertie’s natural shyness and personal sense of generosity that kept him in the shadows fearing he might intrude on Michael Ds big day?

Hold it…just hot off the press. The great patriot is in the Congo advising its people on how best to manage an economy.

What a man, what an operator, never tires of selflessly helping the downtrodden.