Pensions for deceased ministers children – An outrage

Army pensions were the topic of discussion on Liveline yesterday. Army wives and some ex soldiers were reacting to the generous pension arrangements for politicians in comparison to the poor pension provisions for army personnel.

Joe Duffy read out some details on the provisions for widows and children of deceased ministers.

Wife of deceased office holder is eligible for a pension equal to one half of the office holders pension entitlement.

If the deceased had less than three years pensionable service, i.e. was a minister for less than three years, the spouses pension is calculated as if the deceased had served for three years.

The child of a deceased minister may receive a pension up to the age of twenty one. Children’ pensions are flat rate amounts but are revised in line with pay movements. The rates as of November 2008 are €2,996 per child per year.

That every child of a deceased minister is entitled to any monies whatsoever, never mind a pension up to the age of twenty one, is an outrage.

As I have said on many previous occasions – it is long past time that the people of Ireland united to bring our corrupt political system crashing down.