Pat Kenny on Irish maturity

Discussion on Today with Pat Kenny.

Pat Kenny: The ECB, it’s as much our Central Bank as it is the Germans. We can, if we want, implement changes in policy.

Panelist: But the cheque will, ultimately, be written by the Germans and they’re not going to write the cheque having been let down.

They don’t want to write a cheque in advance of the reforms they’re looking for from Greece, Italy and the rest.

Kenny: The Germans got very big cheques written for them after World War Two, they shouldn’t forget that.

Panelist: They’re not likely to back the solution we would like without trusting that the maturity of the political systems in Ireland or Greece will step up to the plate.

Kenny: Haven’t we, at least in the short term, demonstrated quite a lot of maturity?

Panelist: We have and that’s why we’re seen as the good guys in Europe.

Amazing isn’t it? Pat Kenny, a citizen of a failed state ruled by a crowd of corrupt gombeens, telling the Germans they should be grateful for money given to them by the Americans.

The Germans used that money to create one of the richest, most democratic, most accountable countries in the world.

That success allowed them to hand over about €30 billion to gombeen Ireland to bring the country from the 16th to the 21st century.

And what did our ‘mature’ ruling elite do with the money?

They blew it on a ponzi building boom that enriched the corrupt politicians, bankers and developers while impoverishing the rest of the population for generations to come.