Politicians: Stupid or arrogant?

Letter in today’s Irish Independent.

It seems that our rulers, despite warnings from Leo Varadkar, have quietly introduced legislation that allows ministers to drive in bus lanes.

I sometimes wonder whether it’s arrogance that makes politicians stupid or stupidity that makes them arrogant.

Anthony Sheridan

2 thoughts on “Politicians: Stupid or arrogant?”

  1. I would not be too upset about it. Any car with more than one person in it should be allowed to use bus lanes – but of course cabinet politicians have awarded that privilege only to themselves, which is a bit galling. Here in Dublin bus lanes which are used once per hour by buses go unused while cars crawl bumper to bumper wasting time and fuel. BTW most drivers are so programmed that they continue to not use the bus lanes on sundays when they are allowed to do so.

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