De Rossa: Nothing but an obnoxious bully

We know from De Rossa’s aggressive behavior towards fellow MEP Nessa Childers that he’s nothing but an obnoxious bully.

He was at it again on The Last Word (Thursday) in a discussion with Independent TD Shane Ross.

After De Rossa came to the end of a long rant in defence of Cardiff, the presenter, Matt Cooper asked Ross – Well, Shane what do you make of that?

Deputy Ross got to speak just nine words before the obnoxious De Rossa made an ignorant interruption.

Sorry Shane, you had a long run at this on this programme. I just want to take up a few points with you.

Cooper, with some difficulty, put the bully in his place before Ross could proceed.

Here are some other idiotic things De Rossa had to say.

It’s completely unfair to say that somebody at the top is incompetent because somebody else underneath him is incompetent.

The function of the head of an organisation is to try to ensure that it works effectively and efficiently.

When errors are discovered they have to investigate and ensure they don’t’ happen again. It doesn’t make sense that when a piece of important information gets stuck at a certain level and the person who has ultimate responsibility is not informed until late in the day that that person then takes the hit for an incompetent presumably at another level of the organisation.

It’s their responsibility to ensure that that incompetence is rooted out and that the mistake doesn’t happen again.

That’s what they’re ir paid for.

Following this logic the person at middle management who, according to Cardiff, was responsible for the accounting error, could claim:

Nothing to do with me Gov, my job is to root out incompetence by those beneath me.

So we can assume the janitor at the Dept. of Finance is down in the basement tearing his hair out trying to figure out how the hell he missed out on €3.6 billion.