Michael Wallace TD is a thief

When Independent TD, Michael Wallace, was asked what the public will think of his failure to pass on his workers’ pension scheme contributions he responded:

People will make their own calls on that.

Here’s my call:

Michael Wallace is a thief and a hypocrite.

He’s a thief because he took money from his workers that was supposed to go to their pension scheme and kept it for himself.

He’s a hypocrite because instead of just accepting that’s he’s a common thief and taking his punishment he sermonises about how the courts were right to take the matter seriously.

He talks out of both sides of his mouth; accepting that he’s guilty but, at the same time, not as guilty as some would believe.

He tries to off load some of his guilt on the Pensions Board claiming he had serious communications problems with the board.

3 thoughts on “Michael Wallace TD is a thief”

  1. So did i, a developer turned politician, this is theft and he should appear in front of a judge, if any other person did this, straight to mount joy,


    If this does not happen it proves that the systemic greed and corruption still exists and is rampant throughout government.

    No wonder the Germans laughed at Enda Kenny when asking for a reduction on bank debt when Irelands civil servants are paid twice what their Euro counterparts are.

  2. An admission of a criminal offence by a legislator ,member of the National Parliament and involving the witholding of 1.4 million from the tax collector and the perpetrator believes he should not tender his resignation—has he any clue about ethical standards?.

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