Cardiff's pack of wolves gets him the job

Depressingly, the incompetent Mr. Cardiff has been gifted his fat cat job in Europe.

Two Irish MEPs who voted against Cardiff were interviewed on Today with Pat Kenny.

Socialist MEP Paul Murphy said that Ireland needs someone on the Court of Auditors with a record of independence and with a capacity for uncovering corruption.

Somehow I don’t think Cardiff fits that particular bill.

The one good thing to come out of this disgraceful saga is the emergence of that very, very rare phenomenon – a straight talking, principled Irish politician.

Nessa Childers is under no illusions about the consequences she may face for taking a principled stand on this matter.

The Labour Party is likely to exact a heavy price on her for failing to run with the pack of wolves that supported Cardiff.

Here’s what she had to say on the matter:

This is what happens when you voice an opinion. It felt like a pack of wolves had burst out of the undergrowth on top of me.

I began to see that something was going on at the highest levels of government to do with Mr. Cardiff and what happened was an attempt to stop me and two other MEPs from voicing our opinions.

I think that has very serious consequences about the way government operates in Ireland.

3 thoughts on “Cardiff's pack of wolves gets him the job”

  1. I fear that Nessa “Little Red Riding Hood” Childers will be swallowed whole by the Labour Party wolf and will never be seen again unless some brave hunter will relaease her.

    Ireland badly needs a party of brave hunters to rescue Her from the political wolves that ravage Her people.

  2. Well, after treaty changes allowing for PM’s to be appointed across the board in the EU, or at least approved, he may well be a person of note in the future.

    Watch out for MGQ being made Senator and then going into cabinet

  3. Alas, perhaps one or two top Dublin restaurants will miss his custom.
    Ireland’s enormous loss will be good for European gourmet-food economy.
    So happy for Mr Cardiff.

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