(Not) Paying tax

Fergus Finlay writes today about the Irish attitude to paying tax (Irish Examiner).

Here’s how he finishes the article:

We had been through decades of the black economy, the grey economy, the nod-and-wink economy. Ansbacher, the Oireachtas DIRT Enquiry, the Beef Industry Tribunal, the McCracken and Flood Tribunals.

They all taught us that some people lived high on the hog by evading their taxes, and the rest of us paid for it through lousy public services.

Whatever we do, let’s not go back there. Of course it’s no fun paying taxes, and of course it can be a terrible shock to be told you owe more than you thought.

But fair tax, on all sorts of incomes, is the key to a fair society.

We’d all benefit from that.

Whatever we do, let’s not go back there???

I must have missed the moment when those who live high on the hog by evading their taxes were brought to account and are now paying up.

2 thoughts on “(Not) Paying tax”

  1. Finlay is a staunch Labour Party man and now that they are in power he wants to put a positive spin on that party’s supposed efforts to make Ireland a fair society.

  2. Lets not forget it was Fergus Finlay’s Labour party who gave all the tax dodgers an amnesty, and it’s Fergus’s Labour party and Joan Burton that are leading the way in screwing the PAYE workers and those unfortunate enough to be on the dole due to the Labour/FG Government paying all our taxes to bankers and bondholders as opposed to keeping their election promise to invest in jobs.

    The sons and daughters of the Starry Plough shame themselves again.

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