Quinn family claims are outrageous

Patricia Quinn and her children are claiming that the huge loans made to them by Anglo Irish Bank are invalid because they are tainted with illegality.

Obviously these claims are untrue.

I’m sure that if state authorities were aware of even the slightest hint of wrongdoing by those responsible for running Anglo there would be hell to pay.

It’s been three years now since Anglo got into trouble and not a single official has been charged with any wrongdoing

So obviously these outrageous claims are nothing more than sour grapes by the Quinn family.

One thought on “Quinn family claims are outrageous”

  1. Do I detect tongue firmly planted in cheek here? The downfall of Quinn and family seems to me to have been greed. Much always wants more. With regard to this current global financial mess, I am beginning to smell scam. We certainly have our own homegrown crooks here which adds to our woe but the power and influence of the rating agencies must be called into question. The downgrading of a country means it has to pay higher interest on the financial markets. Players in the markets include pension funds contributed to be millions of, in Joe Higgins’s words, ordinary people, who then must pay higher taxes. It seems to me there’s a snake eating its tail here or is my feeble peasant mind incapable of comprehending such esoteric financial matters.
    Apologies for trolling.

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