Nation in desperate need of revolution

Letter in today’s Irish Examiner.

As I put pen to paper there is a sadness in our home, as my own son was forced to seek employment in what the Irish now call the New World (Australia), along with a group of other people.

No words can describe the grief of a parent’s loss. the handshake, the smile and that look as they walk away.

Some of them will not return. Although grief is upon me, I am angered, yes angered by the arrogance and corruption in government.

I refer to the statement by Tánaiste and Foreign Affairs Minister Eamon Gilmore that any referendum on the EU fiscal compact will be dismissed.

What a bunch of incompetent people, and once again, we are being forced to accept a load of scare-mongering that if we do not pay the un-guaranteed bond holders, mortgage and household charges will increase.

I refer to the Jan 21 letter of JF Murphy in your newspaper. He stated “Protest or resist”.

Let me go one step further and without fear of retribution, if ever a country needed revolution, it’s Ireland.

Let us stop kidding ourselves, waiting for the Messiah, he is not coming.

David Becan
Co Cork

One thought on “Nation in desperate need of revolution”

  1. Don’t hold your breath. It took 800 years to shake off the shackles of a foreign invader. It may take even longer to get rid of our own homegrown tyannical and corrupt incompetants!

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