Custom House Capital: Victims still waiting for justice

I see the victims of the Custom House Capital fraud have been given until March 23 to apply for compensation.

Victims can claim up to a maximum of €20,000 which, of course, is mere chickenfeed in comparison to what has been lost.

Some victims have lost everything including their homes and any means of providing for themselves in retirement.

One woman lost close to half a million so twenty grand, if she gets that, will mean little.

Meanwhile, the fraudsters responsible are still walking the streets enjoying the same rights and freedoms as law-abiding citizens.

The Garda Fraud Squad is, allegedly, investigating the matter but victims would be strongly advised not to hold their breaths.

What we seem to be witnessing here is the usual response to alleged white-collar crime in Ireland.

The matter is shunted into a sideline allowing so called regulators; police and politicians to wash their hands of responsibility while the victims are left to suffer the consequences.

One thought on “Custom House Capital: Victims still waiting for justice”

  1. from the ICCL’s website
    “Claims will be paid from a Fund that the ICCL has built up over A NUMBER OF YEARS from contributions paid by the investment industry. The ICCL’s Reserves are currently in excess of €40m. ”

    an industry that made 10’s of billions over the bubble years
    seems to have contributed thrupence a week toward
    its investor safety net.
    The ICCL another withered fig leaf.

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