Herr Leo (reluctantly) allows free expression

So, not only are we going to have a referendum on the on the fiscal compact treaty but Herr Leo has also given his imprimatur on the issue with strict conditions, of course.

Stating that he disagrees with those who think referendums are the purest form of democracy he goes on(my emphasis):

My experience of referendums is that they often get sidetracked into other issues.

The challenge for us now is to make sure that doesn’t happen, to make sure the referendum is democratic by not allowing Sinn Fein, the Socialists and Independents to lie about the treaty and what it’s about.

Clearly, Leo Varadkar has no understanding whatsoever regarding the concept of democracy.

His attitude seems to be as simple as it is dangerous.

It’s better not to ask citizens for their views in the first place but if we have to then the expression of those views should be strictly controlled by government.

5 thoughts on “Herr Leo (reluctantly) allows free expression”

  1. The news of the referendum had barely had it’s umbilical cut when Eamon Gilmore was on the 6.1 news lying to us. But I am a democrat so, naturally, I expect both sides to lie to me.

    What I don’t expect is the truth.

  2. Enda or Herr Shirtz as he now prefers to be called
    has deemed that the lowly peasants may
    indulge their democratic fantasies, but be sure to vote
    the right way peons otherwise we will have to do it all again 6 months later!

    I feel a bit sorry for Aengus (WolfeToner) Ó Snodaigh now,
    think of the avalanche of leaflets he would have printed
    before his rations were reduced, now he will have to be content with a mere blizzard!

  3. It is a given that the public utterances of truths from within the political arena as a means of information dissemination is not merely frowned upon, it is shit upon.
    Should any political wannabe step outside that given then there ended that career.

  4. Thats so shocking I can’t laugh. In the end whatever interpretation or personal opinion I have on this treaty will be diminished by an assumption of being on ONE SIDE. ppfff

    The liars side or the right side. The choice is yours.

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