Fianna Fail to remain toxic for a long time to come

It’s great to see Fianna Fail still wallowing in complete denial regarding the party’s betrayal of Ireland and its people.

Party leader Michael Martin:

It’s not enough to point to the worst world recession in 80 years and the Eurozone crisis. We were in government and we should have acted differently.

Translation: Yes, we made mistakes but it was really the fault of the world recession and the Euro crisis.

We made mistakes, we got things wrong and we are sorry for that.

Fianna Fail, and its willing collaborators, the Progressive Democrats and the Green Party made no mistakes.

The leadership of these political parties, including Michael Martin, knew exactly what they were doing as they led Ireland down the road to disaster.

They put their own interests and the interests of their banker and property developer friends above the interests of the Irish people.

Fianna Fail grassroots members are also in denial.

Party representatives on Saturday with Charlie Bird were in no doubt as to where the blame lies -the media.

Quote from grassroot member on This Week.

Historically Ireland does better under Fianna Fail than it does under Fine Gael or Fine Gael coalition.

And to top it all the obnoxious John O’Donoghue recently indicated that he’s to stand in the next election.

This greedy Fianna Fail fat cat is in full gombeen mode claiming to have (personally?) built two local hospitals in Kerry.

His return to the forefront of Fianna Fail politics, coupled with all of the above, will ensure that the traitorous party will remain toxic for a long time to come and that can only be good news for the people of Ireland.

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2 thoughts on “Fianna Fail to remain toxic for a long time to come”

  1. That yoke O’Donoghue spouts some great shite when he gets going. I remember his zero tolerance blather, spouted loud as you like while the gangs of Dublin, Cork, Limerick and in various small towns and villages took hold and while the catholic church continued to protect its paedophiles and all without fear of interference from the lying, thieving scum in the Dáil.
    A great country; my arse.

  2. This minority political party leader has expressed sorrow.
    I too am sad – very sad indeed.
    Surely sorrow should be followed by restitution.
    That would make me happy.

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