Rank hypocrisy of Micheál Martin

Irish Examiner Journalist Colette Browne has an excellent piece in today’s edition in which she exposes the rank hypocrisy and dishonesty of Micheál Martin regarding the very serious charge by the Mahon Tribunal that Fianna Fail ministers tried to collapse the tribunal.

Here’s her comment on Minister of State Martin Mansergh:

Another Minister of State, Martin Mansergh, was aghast that Ahern had to appear before the tribunal at all: “No other head of state in the EU has to appear before tribunals… In France, the president is immune from prosecution. It’s a ridiculous way to conduct public affairs.”

2 thoughts on “Rank hypocrisy of Micheál Martin”

  1. Mr Ahern was not the head of state.
    Parliamentary inviolabilité does exist in France but is a controversial subject there because it has been abused by chancers.

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