A bizarre country

Fr. Brian Darcy spoke with Marian Finucane today on his censuring by the Vatican.

Fr. Darcy is a member of a ruthless, dictorial, child abusing religious organisation that sees human rights and free speech as a serious danger to its power.

Following the interview Marian spoke with Irish Times religious correstpondent Patsy McGarry.

This interview came to an abrupt end when Marian, a broadcaster on a national station that, in theory, represents all citizens realised the time.

Sorry Patsy, we’ll have to leave it there, it’s coming up to twelve o’clock and time for the Angelus.

2 thoughts on “A bizarre country”

  1. Sorry to have to disagree with you.The Catholic Church is not as you describe it.I do not know whether or not you are a Catholic but ,if you are,you give a very twisted view of your Church. There are members of the Church,in Ministry, some of them at very high level who have not espoused proper standards when dealing with certain matters,including the abuse of children and women,over a very long period.This dereliction of duty has been widespread andvery regrettable.Steps have been taken to address these issues and to make amends.The Church has been seriously traumatised by these events.As an ordinary member of the Church I am saddened by these events but am also satified that the Curch will survive these scandals as it has others in its 2000 years existence.

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