Bureaucratic guff provides some comic relief

Usually when I receive an email from a government department I ignore the standard waffle at the end which warns that the email is confidential blah, blah, blah….

I received an email from the Department of Education this morning and noticed that the warning had been modified, so I had a read – It was hilarious.

In addition to the usual guff about breaking confidentiality the following warnings have been added.

Misuse of the email may constitute a criminal offence.

The Minister accepts no responsibility for changes made to the email after it was sent.

The Minister accepts no responsibility for the opinions expressed in the email.

The Minister accepts no responsibility for any damage causes by viruses.

Fecking hell, talk about covering your arse.

But the funniest part kindly requests the recipient to notify the systems manager if the email was received in error but also darkly warns:

You are prohibited from reading any part of this email or any attachments.

2 thoughts on “Bureaucratic guff provides some comic relief”

  1. “In future to help reduce the number of electrons wasted
    by goverment departments,emails sent by those departments giving evasive,fabricated and totally innacurate information (ie. all of them) will simply contain
    these words.
    “The Minister accepts no responsibility”
    By 2013 all printed correspondence and publications will
    consist only of these 5 words saving 26bn in toner costs alone.”

    I dont know why they didnt do it sooner no ministers ever
    taken any responsibility for anything since the foundation of the state!

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