Sean Quinn: How is he going to manage?

It may be a beautiful day weather wise but I can tell you I spent the day sobbing and crying after hearing Sean Quinn’s evidence in court today.

I’m 65 and have never been involved in litigation, have never been in the High Court. Anglo bullied my out of my office, wrecked my business, wrecked my reputation, wrecked my country, took my pride and now want to put me in prison.

I tell you it would melt the heart of the most hardened banker.

I simply don’t know how this great man is going to manage on his remaining millions and massive mansion.

2 thoughts on “Sean Quinn: How is he going to manage?”

  1. From the sounds of it, Sean was all but lying face down on the floor of the High Court today, beating the floor with his fists. I think a few years on the naughty step in Mountjoy would do him the power of good.

    (I’m not just saying that because all my insurances went up 2% this year thanks to his greed).

  2. You sad person you want to jail someone for 2% They just wanted an excuse to put up insurance. Fight them Sean all the way. Fermangh, Cavan and leitrim love you. Fight them.

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