New comedy at the Department of Finance

Recently appointed Secretary General of the Dept of Finance John Moran provided some hilarity on today’s News at One.

He promises his department will provide independent, impartial and well informed advice to the Minister and the Government.

If that happens it will indeed be historic.

He also promises that staff at the department will be allowed to debate how things should be done, that there will be an open culture where everybody can voice their opinion.

This would not just be historic but revolutionary as Ireland is, without doubt, the most conservatively most secretely governed country in the Western world.

The first civil servant to exrpess an opinion is very likely to receive a P45 rather than a pat on the back.

So how do we know that this is all just the usual bullshit talk about reform and change?

Because when it was suggested to Mr. Moran that this represented a big change in how things were done in the past he replied:

Well, I haven’t been around for the last couple of years so I dont know actually what was happening or what discussions were taking place.

So here we have a brand new Secretary General in charge of the most important department in the State admitting on live radio that he has no idea what has gone on in the Department or the country in the last couple of years.

2 thoughts on “New comedy at the Department of Finance”

  1. If he is unaware what has been going on in the past few years, well, then maybe he is untainted by it and so may be able to introduce the Department to what is going on in the real world.

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