Dept. of Finance: Just as secretive, just as arrogant

The Department of Finance, just days after announcing to the nation that it was a cuddly, open and accountable entity, has been exposed as the hypocritical, dishonest and secretive organisation it has always been.

The Irish Independent put a series of questions to the Dept. regarding the hiring of a questionable consultancy firm to reorganize the state-owned Permanent TSB.

The Independent, and by extension every Irish citizen, were given the usual two fingers by this arrogant department.

Refusing to answer a single question a spokesman said:

Day-to-day operational matters are a matter for the respective board and management of the institution.

Despite the fact that it will cost Irish taxpayers millions the Dept. of Finance has refused to even name the consultancy firm involved.

So much for openness and accountability.

The Dept. is also continuing the cowardly and very expensive tradition within the civil service of hiring consultants to act as a firewall against being made accountable.

It was a (public relations) consultancy firm employed by the State to represent TSB that refused to name the consultancy firm employed by the State to reorganize TSB.