Why is Ireland different?

JP Morgan, one of the most powerful banks in the world, is the subject of an FBI criminal investigation just six days after the bank announced a $2 billion trading loss.

Although the phone hacking scandal in the UK has been simmering for a number of years it is only in the last twelve months or so that the lid has blown off.

Since then a number of investigations, including a police investigation, have been launched.

Dozens of people have been arrested, numerous people, including senior police officers, have resigned or have been fired.

Some of the most powerful people in global media have been hauled before a public, independent, transparent investigation forum and made to explain themselves.

Senior politicians, including Prime Minister David Cameron, are, or are likely to be, the subject of official questioning by independent law enforcement agencies.

Most crucially, these investigations are taking place in real time with real and ongoing consequences for all those involved.

This means justice is seen to be done as those involved are forced to explain themselves by independent state authorities, working on behalf of all the people and the democratic system.

Nobody in the US or the UK has stood up in astonishment and asked – My God, what’s happening, why are these powerful people being investigated, why are they being brought to account. Who introduced this system of law enforcement, accountability and justice?

Irish citizens, and particularly those working in the media, need to stand back and ask the most fundamental of questions:

Why is Ireland different?