The genius of Patrick Honohan to solve all our problems

I watched in utter astonishment as the governor of the Central Bank, Patrick Honohan, in just one stroke of absolute genius came up with the solution to all our problems (Six One News).

Some of our analysis suggests that if unemployment could be got under control and could come down even part way towards where it was before the crisis that this would have a very, very substantial effect on curing those mortgage arrears, a surprisingly large effect.

Mr. Honohan is an international economics professor and and expert on financial crises so I suppose it’s not that surprising that he has come up with the solution that will see all our worries dissolve into thin air.

But, my goodness, why did nobody else see this obvious solution?

I suppose becasue he must be the only expert on financial crises.

Anyway, Mr. Honohan has inspired me. Here’s some ideas I’ve come up with after some overnight analysis.

Drill like mad all around the coast and we’re sure to find billions of gallons of oil. This will pay off our national debt with enough left over to give one million to every man, woman and child in the country.

Make contact with an alien species who have no idea of the concept of wealth but live on a planet made of solid gold. Offer them the one thing they crave – the mad analysis of a central banker, in exchange for their gold.

Ask every expatriate to donate $5 to the nation and before you know it all our problems will be a thing of the past.

No, wait, that last suggestion has already been made by some politician – No, really, it has.

He must be a member of Mr. Honohan’s analysis team.