Social welfare fraud – Jail. Banking fraud? – Still waiting

A Dublin woman, Mary Connors, has been jailed for three years for making fraudulent social welfare claims totalling €229,000 over a 14 year period up to 2010.

Ms. Connors fully cooperated with the police and has paid back all the money.

Gardai had searched her home and a detective from the Criminal Assets Bureau (CAB) was assigned to her case.

So, no messing there. Gardai dealt with the case directly, special detective from CAB assigned to the case to make sure justice was done.

The judge presiding was clear; this is a serious case, public money, three years.

Meanwhile, it seems that former Senator Ivor Callely is unlikely to be pursued for the return of €6,000 he has been overpaid in expenses.

Apparently, there’s no legal basis to pursue him because the error was made by the Department of Transport.

The law is different for ordinary peasants on social welfare. Every penny can and is pursued whether it’s fraud or an error by a civil servant.

If it’s fraud by a peasant, it’s jail.

If it’s an error by a civil servant, it’s a bonus and promotion.

Ms. Connors was caught in 2010 and is now on her way to jail.

The bankers who destroyed the state were caught in 2008 – We’re still waiting.

One thought on “Social welfare fraud – Jail. Banking fraud? – Still waiting”

  1. And we will WAIT and WAIT and WAIT.

    We will still be waiting long after Mrs Connors has finished her jail term.

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