Joe Higgins joins the ranks of sleazy hypocrites

It was with a mixture of disgust and despair that I listened to Joe Higgins mouthing pure bullshit when challenged over the disgraceful response of the so-called Technical Group regarding the Mick Wallace scandal.

Higgins was, and I stress was, one of the very, very few politicians with any trace of honesty or integrity.

His reaction to this scandal has now exposed him for what he really is – a standard, bog trotting gombeen politician who is willing to sink to any level of hypocrisy in order to defend his particular patch of the corrupt political system.

He, and his confederates in dishonesty, were elected by Irish citizens in a desperate attempt to find some honesty, some accountability, some courageous leadership from the body politic.

When a blatant, straighforward, no argument case of pure political/business corruption was placed right before their eyes they could have stepped up to the plate and acted in the best interests of Ireland and its people.

Instead, they abandoned the best interests of the people by acting in defence of their own narrow patch of the corrupt political system.

I dont really need to comment/analyse any further on Higgins’ disgraceful behaviour.

His own words are more than sufficient to admit him into the sleazy ranks of traitorous Irish politicians who instinctively recoil in horror when asked to put the good of the country before their own narrow, hypocritical interests.

The Technical Group has absolutely nothing to do with this in any sense whatsoever.

The only group that I will accept responsibility for is the Socialist Party TDs and United Left Alliance.

In the Socialist Party we are not joining what is a chorus in certain sections of the media and some politicians demanding that Deputy Wallace resigns.

The fact that we’re not joining that chorus doesn’t mean that we take in any way less than seriously this issue.

But we also take very seriously the democratic rights of the 17% of the electors in Wexford who put Deputy Wallace into the Dail.

They have democratic rights in this and it is between them and Deputy Wallace.

It is not for other politicians or the media to decide who will represent them.

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