Whatever happens; the Quinn family will be treated with respect

The first thing to be said about the Quinn contempt ruling is – No one will go to jail.

That’s not how things are done in Ireland. The Quinn’s are ‘respectable’, they’re part of the ruling elite of Ireland.

If they were sent to jail it would truly be revolutionary.

Revolutionary because it would be the first time in the history of the state that people of power and influence were actually dealt with in the same manner as ordinary citizens are dealt with when it comes to crime and punishment.

The judge has, apparently, three options. Jail, jail and a fine or a simple fine.

Her decision will depend on what deal can be worked out before Friday between the State, Anglo Irish Bank and the judge.

Everybody will be working away feverishly to work out a deal to save this ‘respectable business family’ from their own greed, arrogance and criminality.

And, of course, there will be no question of charging this ‘respectable family’ with something as ignominious as the crime of perjury.

Over the decades it has become clear that the crime of perjury only applies to the little people.

Here are some quotes from the judge regarding ‘truth telling’ in her court.

Sean Quinn’s evidence was not credible.

Impossible to accept the evidence of Sean Quinn Senior.

Sean Quinn’s son was not telling the truth.

The evidence of Sean Quinn’s nephew, Peter Darragh Quinn was most untruthful.

(The Quinn’s) have acted in a blatant, dishonest and deceitful manner.

They have consciously misled courts here and elsewhere.

The behaviour of the respondents outlined in evidence before me is as far as removed from the concept of honour and respectability as it is possible to be.

We can be absolutely sure, however, that the Quinn family will be treated with honour and respect with it come to handing out justice.

4 thoughts on “Whatever happens; the Quinn family will be treated with respect”

  1. It is only the likes of the Rossport Five or Teresa Treacy who are jailed until they have purged their contempt. Contempt of the large corporations who run this country that is.

  2. This is the litmus test for the future of this country–the judge was unequivical in her ruling–if these people are not sent to jail then it is time to fold our tents.

  3. “Quinn”, respectable?

    Boy, you’ve obviously never actually spoken to that utter scumbag Sean Quinn Snr.

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