Catholic militant Mary Kenny exploits passing of Maeve Binchy

Irish Independent columnist and Catholic militant Mary Kenny just couldn’t resist exploiting the death of Maeve Binchy to push her Catholic agenda.

Unlike most Irish writers, according to Kenny, Binchy was not anti-clerical and anti-Catholic and didn’t include the cruel Christian Brother or the paedophile priest as ‘stock baddies’ in her books.

The underlying message here, of course, is that cruel Christian Brothers and paedophile priests are nothing more than the invention of fiction writers.

Kenny also suggests that Binchy was an upstanding Christian because she didn’t write explicit sex scenes.

The greatest insult of all from this so called friend was the claim that Binchy, a life long non-believer, was really a Catholic saint.

In this weeks Irish Catholic Kenny further insults Binchy by claiming

That she always held the deposit of faith and values transmitted to her by her parents.

Soul reaping Catholics like Kenny seem incapable of accepting that many victims of Catholic child (abuse) indoctrination eventually manage to escape from the clutches of its superstitions.