Howlin: Put me in power but don't believe my promises

Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform Brendan Howlin speaking to Pat Kenny this morning.

There are those who think you can shake some magic wand and all the debts and all the problems will go away.

And there are those who believe that when they changed government last year that somehow you changed the economic circumstances.

And those who believe all the above do so because that’s what Howlin and his fellow gombeens told them during the last election campaign.

3 thoughts on “Howlin: Put me in power but don't believe my promises”

  1. Without appearing too apologetic for Howlin it is said that politics is the art of the possible. Of course aspiring politicians will say almost anything to get votes but what electorate will vote for a candidate who says nothing?

  2. @Haymoon: What good is a politician that can’t keep the main thrust of his campaign promises? With Obama, it was Obamacare. With Kenny, it was to stop paying unsecured bondholders and gamling bankers.

    Kenny and his other party members not only lied through their teeth, but continued to make more and more cuts on top of the already strained budget FF left them with. In just a few months, what Enda Kenny himself stated as “Unfair, unjust, and immoral” will come to pass.

    With regards to that Howlin idiot’s statement “And there are those who believe that when they changed government last year that somehow you changed the economic circumstances” – Sir, I respectfully refer you to Iceland and suggest that you make some very frantic and rapid calls to understand what happened.
    Iceland didn’t pay the bondholders and it let banks fall over. The bailout money they did receive was used to support the population through the collapse and encourage business. How did it end, Mr Howlin? Well, after starting out in worse shape than Ireland was at the time:
    1) Iceland are now free of debt.
    2) All the bankers and politicians responsible are in jail where they can’t hurt any more people. Bounty hunters are still hunting some of the last remnants.
    3) Their unemployment figures are below 6%.
    4) The economy is BOOMING. And I mean massively, both import and export.
    5) Most importantly, the IMF – after naysaying and being antagonistic toward their solution – now publicly approve their actions and have stated for the record, that Iceland did the right thing and saved their nation.

    So tell me again how we have to destroy Ireland’s economy to improve our circumstances? Help me understand how removing money from the economy – which as a direct result has caused literally thousands of businesses to fall raising the economy – is helping? How is it helping that we have people being kicked out of their homes, people unable to eat, and worse? The is not an economic downturn, business was still as stable as before with the only issue being in the housing market. The economic collapse we are experiencing is directly caused by the bailout process YOU support and propose more taxes for.

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