'Catholic' shark performs miracle

A report in this week’s Irish Catholic tell of how a shark saved the life of a man lost at sea.

The article begins:

God appears to have worked ‘in mysterious ways’ for a fisherman adrift in the Pacific Ocean for over 100 days.

Toakai Teitoi and his brother-in-law were lost at sea when their boat ran out of fuel. After his brother-in-law died of dehydration Toakai began to pray for deliverance.

Weeks later, and still praying, Toakai heard a knocking on the hull and found that a shark was nudging his boat. The intervention by the shark led to Toakai noticing a ship close by and to rescue.

Toakai, a Catholic, said:

He was guiding me to a fishing boat.

Mmmm…perhaps this Catholic shark was acting under instructions from Toakai’s god but I think it’s more likely he was checking the menu.

Least likely thought going through the mind of the shark as Toakai was rescued:

Bless you my son and a safe journey home to your family.

Most likely thought:

Feck, he was a skinny specimen but would have made a nice snack.