Stroke politics still the preferred option of our politicians

Ireland is not a democratic state.

It is a state governed under the rules and very low standards of gombeenism and stroke politics.

Every politician/political party must decide, on coming to power, whether to cooperate with the rotten system to further their own interests or challenge the system in the interests of the Irish people.

Here’s some examples from recent times of decisions made that support the rotten system.

Former Progressive Democrats TD, Fiona O’Malley.

It’s something that has always annoyed me, that the PDs are watchdogs. We have our own standards. Every other political party is responsible for their own standards within their own party. We are not watchdogs for any other party.

Green Party leader and then Minister for the Environment John Gormley.

We never assigned ourselves that role because it’s a role which you cannot fulfull properly and do your work as well. We’re not the moral watchdog of any political party…we look after our probity and our standards…we cannot be responsible for events that took place before our entry into government.

Minister for Social Protection Joan Burton effectively rejecting the ethical standards of Roisin Shortall in favour of Minister Reilly’s stroke politics.

The fortunes of individual politicians and political parties comes after the issue of restoring the fortunes and the businesses and the employment that’s been lost in this country, and that’s our objective.

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