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Letter in today’s Irish Examiner.

Gorman should ask his questions of the rich

It really annoys me when RTE presenter Paddy Gorman interviews people in queues waiting for so-called social welfare.

Throughout all the years I have been listening to RTE programmes (I am 45 next birthday) I have never heard an interviewer ask any rich person a question similar to the questions Paddy asks people in queues.

The super rich will never have to queue, so Paddy will never get to ask them what contraception they use, if they enjoy a drink, or if they have a man or woman in their life.

Can we please have a show where Paddy meets people queuing for the toilet in the Shelbourne and asks them questions like “Where did you spend all the billions given to you by the Labour/Fine Gael government?”

Looking forward to a new and equal media.

Ray Corcoran
Dublin 11

One thought on “Good question”

  1. Even better.
    Can they lock Paddy O’Gorman in a toilet in the Shelbourne and throw away the key.

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