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My reply to Office of Public Works Press Office regarding thirty seven pieces of state-owned artwork missing from Leinster House.


Thank you for the generalised overview of the State Art Collection.

Unfortunately the information you provide bears little relevance to the series of questions I had asked.

You did confirm that the art collection is managed by an inventory system and therefore you will be aware that such a system is very efficient in recording and tracking the location and movements of all art items.

The system also allows for the immediate identification of those responsible for art items at any particular time.

You will be aware, for example, that if a work of art is moved from Leinster House to another location in the country it is signed out of Leinster House and signed in to its new location and that inventories at both locations are changed to reflect the event.

This also applies when items are moved from office to office within the same building.

You will also be aware that inventories and those responsible for their contents are regularly checked by a higher authority to ensure that all items are present and correct.

My queries are specifically concerned with the art items missing from the Leinster House complex over a very specific period of time.

On the assumption that the Leinster House inventory system was properly operated and supervised it is reasonable to assume that the information I have requested is in existence.

With this in mind I have re-submitted my questions below.

If you are unable to answer any particular question I would be grateful if you would simply state that fact and provide a reason for your inability to answer.

I would also request that in replying to my queries that you extend the same courtesy to me that I automatically extend to you – that I am a person of at least average intelligence.

Yours Sincerely
Anthony Sheridan

What are the name, position and rank of the person/s responsible for the safe keeping of the missing items?

What action has been taken in response to the missing items?

In particular, what action has been taken in respect of items that went missing prior to the last general election?

What is the overall time period in which the items went missing?

Please supply a list of the estimated value of each missing item

Please supply a list of the exact offices/locations from which items went missing

Please supply a list of the officials/politicians who occupied offices from which items went missing.

Please confirm or otherwise if members of the public are entitled to speak directly to OPW officials regarding this matter.

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  1. May I recommend – with tongue firmly planted in cheek – that you get your local favourite TD – if such a person exists – to ask your questions in the Dáil?

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