Mary O'Rourke: Talking out of both sides of her mouth

Mary O’Rourke’s book, Just Mary, received a warm and cuddily review from the panel on the Marian Finucane Show this morning.

She also received a lovely warm reception on the Late Late Show from both the audience and Ryan Tubridy.

This capacity of Irish citizens to treat those principally responsible for the destruction of the country with warmth and respect is an indication of just how far away we are from any meaningful reform of our corrupt political system.

Mary O’Rourke is a loyal member of the most corrupt political party in the country. A party which is principally responsible for destroying the wealth, hopes and dreams of the great majority of Irish citizens.

She is also a strong supporter of the the criminal Haughey who played a major role in the destruction of the state.

I will grant O’Rourke one thing, she’s an expert at talking out of both sides of her mouth at the same time.

I’ll further concede that she has managed to fool practically the whole country that she’s a straight talking politician of honesty and intergrity.

The following is just one example of the ability of this gombeen politician to speak out of both sides of her mouth.

In an interview with John Murray (RTE just can’t get enough of O’Rourke) she tells of how Bertie Ahern shafted her in the 2002 election in favour of Donnie Cassidy.

The point to keep in mind as you read her comments is that she’s looking for sympathy for alleged wrongs done to her but at the same time cannot actually bring herself to accuse Ahern or her beloved (corrupt) party of any wrongdoing.

Murray: Why would they have wanted to shaft you Mary?

O’Rourke: I wasn’t a wide boy now, I wasn’t a wide boy. You know what I mean?

Murray: I don’t.

O’Rourke: I wasn’t on that inner circle.

Murray: Donnie was, you were deputy leader of the party but weren’t part of the inner circle is it?

O’Rourke: Yes, something like that, I wasn’t open to all sorts of things, I just wasn’t and I think that was the reason.

Murray: What sort of things?

O’Rourke: Ahh, I don’t know, sort of deals of one kind or another. I didn’t want to know about them.

Murray: Deals? Now I am intrigued

O’Rourke: Well I don’t really know because I’m not hiding anything from you, I just didn’t know but I did know that I wasn’t included in the golden inner circle for some reason or another.

I did fine to be deputy leader, man woman thing, you know.

(O’Rourke is here trying to escape the line of questioning by suggesting that she was shafted because she was a woman but Murray persists).

Murray: But wide boys and deals. Are you talking about stuff that shouldn’t have been happening?

O’Rourke: No, I just think there were things that were moving and moving around and happening which I sort of half knew and half didn’t know.

And maybe it was as well I didn’t know and the only way I wouldn’t have known was, phuemfff, disappear Mary, disappear. Rub the magic lamp and she’s gone.

This last comment is the Irish version of Donald Rumsfeld’s known unknowns.

Here’s some straight talk that O’Rourke would never understand never mind actually accept as true.

Mary O’Rourke is a traitor to Ireland and its people just like her brother, Brian Lenihan Snr. And her nephew Brian Lenihan Jnr.

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  1. I have yet to hear any of these people who classify themselves as journalists asking her about the sale of Carysfort.This woman is a total pain in the arse who was part of quite a few corrupt FF governments butshe gets a fools pardon from journalists and acts the buffoon and talks as if she was a bystander who had no hand act or part in some very dubious decisions. It is disgraceful that RTE is contributing so handsomely to her pension pot.

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