Are Irish citizens finally waking up?

It is reported in today’s Irish Examiner that an unprecedented 83 complaints were made to the Clerk of the Dail regarding the latest Michael Lowry scandal.

Personally, I’m heartened by this development. For years I have been making complaints and asking questions, both orally and in writing, in response to the corrupt activities of politicians and officials.

I have always been, and still am, treated by these people as nothing more than a crank.

Perhaps Irish citizens are finally waking up to the enormous damage being done to them and their children by this diseased state.

One thought on “Are Irish citizens finally waking up?”

  1. Because our Parliament does not now have a viable oppossition,an absolute necessity in a healthy democracy,citizens need to bring their concerns to the Oireacthas and I am very heartened that so many people have brought their concernrs about Lowry to the Clerk of the Dail.We need much more of this type of activity.

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