Catholic militant Senator Mullen 'attacked' by culture of clapping

Want to make your skin crawl? Take a look at religious fanatic Senator Mullen on Frontline.

Like all the Catholic fanatics Mullen sees a conspiracy in every comment and action by all who disagree with his views.

After Mullen made a point about abortion in England Pat Kenny was applauded when he reminded the fanatic that thousands of Irish women go to England every year for abortions.

Mullen proceeded to attack the audience for daring to support Kenny’s comment.

Mullen: The clapping here tonight, I’m beginning to feel how Sean Gallagher felt actually.

Kenny: That’s a low blow, a low blow.

Mullen: No, this culture of clapping to beat down the side you disagree with is not going to do anything to reassure Irish men and women about the quality of health care.

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  1. Wouldnt pay too much attention to this Senator–he is an outstandig reason for abolishing this useless costly talking shop—-wonder what he does with his 23 grand tax free “Party” leaders allowance

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