Happy days are just around the corner

Former working class politician but now comfortable minister Pat Rabbitte was on the Claire Byrne Show yesterday.

He was not happy with one of the panelist who criticised members of his political class.

It’s not fair to use loaded language like ‘the Ministers who protect the banks’. Whether we like it or not we live in a market economy and our banking system is dysfunctional and unless we get the banking system up and working again we won’t be able to put people back to work.

Basic rates of social welfare are quite reasonable in this country in comparison with other countries.

Now Mr. Rabbitte has merely moved from being a peoples politician to the much more lucrative club of the ruling elite.

The political editor of the Irish Times, Stephen Collins, on the other hand, has clearly just arrived back from an extended holiday on Mars.

Here he is on this and the previous government’s record.

They’ve done almost 75% of what needed to be done to get out of the mess that we were left in. After this budget it will be up to 85%.

They’re very nearly there. We had so many prophets of doom who got so much air time demanding suicidal options like leaving the Euro which would have destroyed the country.

And to be fair to the previous government they managed to wrestle the whole thing around so I think it’s nearly there.

So…..all done. Happy days are… er…just around the corner.

One thought on “Happy days are just around the corner”

  1. Happy days will be here when we can earn more than we are spending–we are quite some distance from that.There is a long street to traverse before we reach the corner.

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