Too late for reform: the rotten political system is already dead

In an article entitled ‘Let’s answer Ireland’s call: reform or die.’ Fine Gael TD Brendan Griffin calls for major reform of the political system.

His suggestions, unfortunately, are about forty years too late.

The corrupt political/administrative system that brought Ireland to ruin is not capable of being reformed.

It must be totally eradicated and replaced with a proper democratic system similar to that of all other functional democracies.

Even though we regularly hear from the likes of Kenny, Gilmore and Martin that the system is ‘broken’ and must be radically reformed there is not the slightest hint that real reform is actually going to happen.

And why would it, to do so would mean an end to the corrupt/gombeen/clientelist system that has served the exclusive interest of Irish politicians and their respective parties and friends since independence.

That corrupt system effectively destroyed the country and lost us our independence. It is far, far too late to talk of reforming such an irretrievably corrupt system.

In his article Mr. Griffin points out:

Only when we fully accept this reality, (that the system is ‘broken’) can we begin to properly rebuild our nation.

It’s good that some politicians like Mr. Griffin are, at last, beginning to accept the enormity of their betrayal of Ireland and its people.

However, he and his fellow politicians must go, or be forced to go, one step further and accept the reality that their rotten political system is history and can have no part whatsoever in building a new Ireland.

Reform or die?

Too late Mr. Griffin, what you represent is already dead.

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2 thoughts on “Too late for reform: the rotten political system is already dead”

  1. There’s not the remotest chance of any reform (political or otherwise) here.
    The Hindenbur….er sorry..Republic of Ireland has been sucessfully patched up again, perhaps for the final time.
    Second Republic anyone?

    in case i forget best wishes of the season Anthony (Gavin to) and a happier new year.


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