Ryan who?

I recently came across an article about some radio broadcaster called Ryan Tubridy.

Apparently he’s worried about the amount of public interest surrounding his relationship with his girlfriend Aoibhinn something or other.

I asked a friend if he had ever heard of this guy Tubridy.

Don’t think so says he but I once knew a Runi Turbidy from the small village of Ólafsvík in Western Iceland (pop. 1,010).

Runi worked as a security man on the radio mast in Ólafsvík, which I’m told, is the tallest structure in Western Europe.

He did have a girlfriend called Alfhildur something or other and was worried about the amount of attention she was receiving from a nearby flock of sheep.

Ah, I thought, that must be the fella. Obviously, the author of the article mistakenly entered Ireland instead of Iceland.

Sure such a thing could happen to anyone.