Diplomatic passports: The privileged elite looking after their own

Yet again we witness how the rich and powerful bestow special privileges upon themselves and their cronies in this blighted banana republic.

A report in yesterday’s Sunday Independent tells us that there are 1,900 diplomatic and 7,400 official passports in circulation.

This massive number includes 48 TDs and nearly half the Senate.

I’m trying to find out what an official passport is so in the meantime let’s focus on diplomatic passports.

In functional democracies diplomatic passports are issued to people who have to travel internationally on official or state business.

So my first question is – why the fuck does Maureen Haughey, wife of the tratior and criminal politician possess such a passport?

Is she jetting around the world working her knickers off on behalf of the Irish people, like fuck she is.

This woman has been given this privilege for one simple but disgusting reason – she’s a senior member of the ruling elite of this blighted nation, a ruling elite that ultimately destroyed our country.

Among the privileged to receive these passports are Breda O’Kennedy and Annette Andrews, wives of former Ministers for Foreign Affairs Michael Kennedy and David Andrews.

Again, this is nothing more than the privileged looking after their own.

Apparently, the Minister for Foreign Affairs is going to write to these individuals and politely ask them to give up their privilege which entitles them to:

Certain enhanced priveleges while travelling abroad.

No question of being so ‘undiplomatic’ as to demand or simply cancel the privilege. No, a polite letter from Eamon asking the nice ladies if they wouldn’t mind handing them over.

The report tells us that the ‘revised criteria’ will mean applications will only be approved for those who can demonstrate they need a passport for travel to undertake official business on behalf of the State.

So, the obvioius question is – what criteria was in place prior to now?

Hello, I’m a member of the priveleged ruling elite, please have your man deliver my special passport forthwith and make sure he uses the tradesman entrance.

As usual with banana republics there’s an element of unintended humour in the ‘rules’ governing such perks for the privileged.

These passports may only be used for official and not for personal travel.

The passports are only valid for the period required to perform any particular official role.

Applicants must pledge that the passport will be returned for cancellation should their role change before the document expires.

Given that fact that corruption is endemic within the Irish body politic, that lying, cheating, stealing and gombeenism is the default position of the majority of our ‘representatives’ we may reasonably assume that these ‘rules’ were created as a joke on the long suffering citizens of our banjaxed nation.

Here’s a partial list of the ragbag of gombeens, traitors, imbeciles, and freeloaders who have been issued with a diplomatic passport?

Fianna Fail: Brian Cowen, Barry Cowen, Mary Coughlan, Tony Kileen, Dick Roche, Ned O’Keeffe, Martin Cullen, Ivor Callely.

Sinn Fein: Aengus O’Snodaigh, Padraig MacLochlainn, Trevor O Clochartaigh and Kathryn Reilly.

Fine Gael: Jim O’Keeffe.

Independents: Michael Lowry, Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan, David Norris, Feargal Quinn, Prof. John Crown.

Green Party: Dan Boyle, Mary White.

Copy to:

All political parties and independents
Passport office
Department of Foreign Affairs

3 thoughts on “Diplomatic passports: The privileged elite looking after their own”

  1. This is gombeenism at the highest level.Not surprising though when Haughey when he was in opposition was able to have the Charvet shirts delivered in the diplomatic bag. It would be interesting to know if this little arrangement was known to the Minister for Foreign Affairs of the day.

  2. Rotten to the core since 1922.
    A state founded by terrorists and criminals could turn out no other way.
    All that and the Catholic Church too.
    What a country.

  3. Be interesting to know when Barry Cowan got hid diplomatic passport and why it was foumd necessary to issue it to him.

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