Yuk factor complacency

The so-called Yuk factor seems to be an accepted rationale in the ongoing horsemeat scandal.

The Yuk factor stems from the fact that horsemeat is not generally on the menu in Ireland and is therefore seen by most Irish consumers as a yuk food.

The general thrust of media coverage seems to be that while horsemeat may be a yuk food for the Irish it is perfectly safe and won’t damage their health.

This assumption only stands up if those (criminals?) who are illegally importing the horsemeat into Ireland have a world class processing plant where the highest EU standards in food production are strictly observed.

Somehow, I think this is unlikely.

It’s more likely that the horsemeat is sourced from anywhere they can get it for a knockdown price such as knacker’s yards or from farmers wanting to get rid of rotten carcasses.

And who’s to say it’s just horsemeat? It could quite easily be a mixture of roadkill and abattoir waste from a whole range of animals, wild and domesticated.

Mmmm… I think the yuk factor could be a lot more yuckier than people realise.