Response to Fingleton documentary

Letter in today’s Irish Times.


Which Irish bank collapsed the most spectacularly relative to the size of its assets? Irish Nationwide.

Who said that the building society’s lending practices in the old Fingleton regime were “shoddy” and “well below standard“? Gerry McGinn former CEO of Irish Nationwide (Business, April 23rd, 2010).

Commenting on this, who said, “It seems extraordinary that none of this seems to have been reported by the auditors.” Labour Finance spokesperson at the time, Joan Burton.

Who were auditors to Irish Nationwide in the 10 years up to its collapse? KPMG.

Who has just been appointed as liquidator to IBRC? KPMG.

Who made this decision? Faceless pensionable mandarins in the Department of Finance.

Will we as a nation ever learn? No.

Joe Hackett