Infallability: Where does it come from?

Apparently pope Benedict XVI will lose his power of infallibility the instant he is replaced with a new pope.

This raises some interesting questions.

At what precise moment during the handover ceremony does the magical power move from one pope to the next?

Is the power granted automatically by the Catholic god or does some priest have to perform a particular act/ritual that will please the god to grant the power?

Is the transfer of this supernatural power felt physically and/or mentally by the anointed one?

3 thoughts on “Infallability: Where does it come from?”

  1. Interesting hypothesis, sure everyone knows it’s only women who are infallible so should the next pope be a woman?

  2. Infallibility is just a bureaucratic procedure dressed up in theological gobbledegook. To use his “powers” of infallibility the pope must must exercise it ex cathedra, that is from the bishop’s chair. Since after retirement Mr. Ratzinger will no longer have access to the chair in question, he can no longer be infallible. Q E.D.

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