Abortion and idiotic politicians

Once again cowardly Irish politicians are trying to resolve the abortion dilemma without actually facing the reality of the situation.

The latest mad idea would see a suicidal pregnant woman being forced to make a case for an abortion before a panel of six consultants.

Perinatal psychiatrist Dr. Anthony McCarthy said the idea amounts to abuse of the woman.

He goes on:

If a woman is seriously distressed and depressed in pregnancy, and potentially suicidal or having suicidal ideas, the idea that you would bring her through a forum such as this – almost an inquisition – where she would have to tell her story in front of six different people, is frankly abusive. It’s truly idiotic.

Idiotic indeed and that’s the problem. Our parliament is full of idiots.

2 thoughts on “Abortion and idiotic politicians”

  1. Oh cop on people. This ‘6 panel’ scenario is just a leak to soften up the public so that, when a 3 panel stipulation is put in place, it will seem reasonable by comparison.

    Unless you’re the person who has to go through it.

  2. The draft heads of the proposed Protection of Life during Pregnancy Bill 2013 have just been posted. God, but our lords and masters are getting so predictable.

    But what will they do now if the psychiatrists keep their word and refuse to cooperate?

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